Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret
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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret


Let's cut to the chase.

You want an extremely fast and easy way to learn a chess opening that you can play against anyone, including grandmasters.

Here's what to do:

Step 1: Download Chess Openings Wizard Lite. It's free and comes with sample ebooks.

Step 2: Purchase and download the London II ebook.

Here are the reasons why:

The Bookup 2000 Express program for Windows will teach you about openings and train you with its sample ebooks and with our more complete ebooks such as the London II.

The London II ebook teaches you how to play a system for White against any Black defense.  It is a complete opening that is easy to learn and understand. Then London System is  played by grandmasters and is easy to remember and play.

It has a money back guarantee that backs its promise to get you playing perfect opening chess faster than any other method, including personal instruction.

Bookup has been the first choice in computer based training for chess openings for the past 21 years.

Within minutes you will be learning an opening for White while learning general opening theory.

It comes with a short email course on how to best use the features.

It also comes with a programmer that supports it.  You will get your technical questions answered by email, even though it's a free program.