Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret
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Beginner DVD Lessons

Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret


Ideal instruction for beginners.

Learning from a grandmaster ensures you'll be instructed on the most important knowledge in chess.

Having it on DVD means you can go directly to the topics you want and review them as often as you like.

Seeing it on your TV or computer screen means you'll remember much more than you would from just reading a chess book.

More than two years of preparation means you'll get complete coverage through vivid examples of attack, defense, time, space advantage, and every kind of tactic.

A low price means you'll get more value from this DVD than from any collection of chess videos.

A gradual and thorough approach from the beginner to advanced level means kids can use this DVD to learn chess fast too.

"One of the best instructional chess videos ever made has been reissued as a DVD, and the new format makes it an even better product than before."

GM Yasser Seirawan has won the US Championship four times and qualified for two candidate cycles of the World Championship. Yasser spent more than two years working on the video in these four sections:

Section 1:
The Board & It's Properties
Three (3) Types of Positions
The Four (4) Elements of Chess
Seven (7) Basic Principles
Elementary Check Mates
Classical Opening
Three (3) Types of Pins
Double Attack
Time Count

Section 2:
How To Find A Plan
Weak Pawn Structures
Zwischenzug: An in-between move
Fianchetto the Bishop
Balanced Pawn Structures
Pawn Storms & Chains
Dutch Stonewall & Pillsbury Attack
Dynamic Pawn Structures
Rooks belong on Open Files
Protected & Connected Passed Pawns

Section 3:
Advanced Pawn Structures
Windmill or Seesaw
Screened Backward Pawn
Pawn Triangle
Pawn Majority
Hanging Pawns
Quiet Move
Overworked Piece
Master Pawn Structure

Section 4:
The Principles of Attack
When Ahead in Force, Exchange Pieces
Forcing a Pawn Weakness
The Hedgehog Defense
The Principles of Defense
How To Get & Use Space
Attack Pawn Weaknesses
When Behind in Space
Time Advantage
Time Disadvantage

This DVD has been discontinued.  Sorry!


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