Bookup is the world's only positional chess database, available for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/NT.

Bookup has been described as a chess book that "comes to life on the screen." The most common application is quick research and training in chess opening theory.

In contrast to game databases, Bookup stores each position and finds any transposition (regardless of move order) instantly. This feature makes Bookup ideal for keeping track of opening theory.

Grandmaster theoreticians and skilled chess teachers have created ebooks about specific openings and defenses, middlegames, endgames and even tactics in the Bookup format.

For more information about the Bookup programs and how they work with game databases and playing programs read our 20 Questions brochure.

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The latest versions and prices of the Bookup Systems are:

Bookup 2000 Professional for Windows ($129)

Bookup 2000 Express for Windows (free and $29)

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Bookup is the world's only positional chess database