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Roman's 5 New DVDs

Learning from Kasparov's and Karpov's trainer ensures you'll be taught the most important knowledge in chess.

Having it all on DVD means you can go directly to the topics you want and review them as often as you like.

Seeing it on your television or computer screen means you'll remember much more than you would from just reading a book.

An extremely low price means you'll get more value from these DVDs than from any collection of chess videos.

The added free bonus of MasterChess 5000 on DVD (regularly $29) means you'll get  instant access to more than one million games, a great playing opponent, Nalimov endgame tablebases and more.

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili has won the Russian Championship, the World Open, and he has won the US Championship twice. Roman has trained Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. Roman has attained an ICC blitz rating of 3450. He can instruct you.

The bottom line is that you get these instructional chess DVDs by Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili for the incredibly low price of $23 each.

You're about to order Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili's 5 newest DVD volumes at a special Bookup customer price of $105 and get the new MasterChess 5000 DVD for free.

Volume 24: Live from Las Vegas National Open

Over 2 hours running time. This DVD comes to you live from the International Chess Festival held in Las Vegas at the US National open. Roman covers in his first lecture the non main lines in the Scandinavian Defense. (Roman covers the main lines on vol. 17 Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black.) Roman feels the Scandinavian is as good if not a better opening for black as the French or Caro-kann. On the second part of the lecture Roman gives you an introduction to an opening he has played for 20 years, and one of Fischer's favorites—the Kings Indian Attack. This DVD is a prelude to vol. 28 where Roman covers this flexible opening in more depth. Black cannot prevent you from playing your standard set-up 1.e4 or Nf3 followed by g3,Bg2,O-O. Roman will explain white's ideas and plans and how to achieve good positions. In Roman's second lecture, Roman will analyze 2 very entertaining and educational games that were played against Susan, Sophia and Judit Polgar Triplex Simul, which took place at the US National Open.


Volume 25: Easy Way to Beat the Pirc Modern Defense

90 Minutes. On this DVD Roman gives you an easy to follow opening plan where you will get a clear advantage against the Pirc Modern defense and at the same time severely limit your opponent's counter play. Roman uses a timely a4 and h3 line to achieve fantastic results at the highest level.

Volumes 26 and 27: Nimzowitch's My System parts 1 and 2

With 75 years of improvements added. This 2-part DVD containing 4 hours of content is based on Nimzowitch's best selling book My System which is the foundation for modern day progressive thinking. Roman will help you understand Nimzowitch's ideas and theories while adding 75 years of improvements, updates, and changes. Roman covers both positional and tactical examples bringing to life one of the most popular books ever published.

Volume 28: Easy Way to Learn the King's Indian Attack

On this 90 minute DVD, Roman will teach you an easy and flexible opening for white. You will learn how to achieve a clear middle game plan while avoiding complex variations and simplification. White can either start with 1.e4 or Nf3 followed by d3, g3, Bg2, O-O. Black cannot prevent you from playing your easy to learn setup. Roman will also cover and analyze 5 highly instructional games. So sit back and let Roman share with you over 20 years of experience playing this easy to learn opening for white.


Get all 5 DVDs plus MasterChess 5000 for $149 $105.  (Bookup customer discount)

Shipping is $5 for all of the DVDs.

International shipping via airmail is $9.

Order 5 DVDs Now (and get MasterChess 5000 for free)



Order only Volume 24 for $24 plus $5 shipping
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