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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret

Mike Leahy, aka "The Database Man" has been programming computers since high school. He has studied at Rose Hulman Institute, The Ohio State University and is a graduate of Mastery University. His resume includes Bookup for DOS, Windows and Macintosh which have raised the bar in chess openings preparation.  He also created the Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess CD ROM which taught the game to thousands of new players. He also helped develop the Essentia  for Windows and Macintosh as well as the MasterChess DVD.

Mike's newest software venture is detailed at Radical Planner.

When Mike isn't writing the best chess openings software he enjoys speaking on self-development topics. Catch him at the Universal Light Expo or at any of the events on Red Hot Life.

This is an old picture. Mike's desk is much cleaner now. :)



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