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How to get the most from these videos:

I talk really, really fast so if you know computers you'll love it.  If I'm too fast for you, keep your mouse on the pause button.  I promise I won't be offended. :)

Watch Video How to look at the sample ebooks and add new moves to an ebook and discover transpositions.
New to Bookup? Start with this video.
Watch Video How to start a new repertoire with a new ebook and learn more about transpositions.
Watch Video How to make backups of your ebooks using My Computer and/or WinZip.
Watch Video How to compare PGN games with your opening repertoire.
Watch Video How to use Bookup's training feature. using FM Chuck Schulien's London II ebook as an example. See the video below on the Training Wizard too.
Watch Video How to use MasterChess 5000 to find games by move order.
Watch Video How to use Bookup to show you instantly where you (or your opponent) leaves your opening book when playing on the internet. Blitzin and ICC are used as an example.
Watch Video How to set up Bookup so that it automatically updates your repertoire ebooks as in the previous video's example.
Watch Video How to use MasterChess with Bookup 2000 Professional as if it were a huge PGN file. This is also a good demonstration of MasterChess searching by move order.
Watch Video How to use the Training Wizard with Bookup 2000 Professional.
Watch Video Backsolving with Bookup 2000 Professional. This video is a must for masters and above.
Watch Video How to find the ECO code for your opening, grab free PGN files, and make an opening book with the free version of Bookup.

Watch the new Chess Openings Wizard videos


Want to download the video files?  Right click on these links and choose Save Target As...
Blitzin 1
Blitzin 2
ECO books
EPD Overnight Analysis
MasterChess 5000
PGN and Ebooks
Bookup and MasterChess 4000
Bookup and Training Wizard
Bookup and classic training



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