Color Reversals Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret
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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret


Do you understand the patterns in your favorite openings or have you just memorized lines? Use the color reversal feature found in the Chess Openings Wizard Professional and Express versions to get some insight.

Do you recognize this position?

This is actually the French Winawer with colors reversed.

You may not realize it, but much of your memory of your openings is tied to the colors of the pieces. COW's ability to reverse the colors allows you to check to see if you truly understand the patterns in your repertoire.

Start by opening your repertoire ebook. Then right click on the diagram and choose Mirror Position Side to Move. Now see if you can follow along in your favorite lines. Better yet, put Chess Openings Wizard in training mode and test yourself. You'll be amazed at the insights you'll get about your openings.

Mirroring positions is just one of the power tools in Chess Openings Wizard Professional.



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