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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret


The Bookup 2000 Professional power tools edition (build 14 and higher) added a set of new functions for power users.

Novelties can be found by having the program compare the Informant symbols with an adjustable range of numeric assessments. No more wondering if overnight computer analysis has found an improvement buried in the analysis tree.

Color codes can optionally be cleared from the book. This is useful before importing PGN games so you can be sure that only the new positions from the most recent import will be color coded.

Color codes can now be used to purge and prune ebooks of unwanted lines.  Importing an ebook will ask you for any color codes you want to ignore.

Leaf nodes can be found automatically.  You can limit it to only those nodes that do not yet have analysis (numeric or Informant symbol). This is handy for being sure that every leaf node is analyzed before backsolving.

The numeric assessments can now be automatically copied from the Joy of Chess databank into any ebook.

All "uncandidates" can be added automatically for ebooks that were created from older format ebooks or PGN importing. This will show the red 'T' for transposition at every possible transposition, and allow you to Show All Move Orders.

The position can be flipped or mirrored left to right or transposed into the opposite side to move by right clicking on the diagram. This is an excellent way to see if you know your opening.

The power tools edition now includes the training wizard.




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